Turn Fido into a Skateboarding Dog

Ever since that great video featuring Tyson the skateboarding bulldog hit it big on YouTube, skateboarding has become a standard dog trick that owners attempt to train. Most owners start by using some basic method of luring the dog onto the skateboard with a treat or pointing to the skateboard and hoping the dog will get on. If he does, then they praise and pet him like they would a child who has finally managed to ride a bike without the training wheels. They may even give the dog a treat. Continue Reading

Technicians and Vets Learn Low Stress Animal Handling Techniques at the 2009 AVMA Conference

At the Low Stress Dog and Cat Handling Lab at the AVMA conference, technicians and veterinarians from across the country learn how to handle pets in ways that minimize stress and maximize safety. These low stress animal handling techniques keep them safe and their dog and cat patients calm. Continue Reading

Startled Australian Cattle Dog Chases Bikes

My young ACD is chasing bikes and sometimes runners. I think they startle her. They move so fast she goes into prey mode. How do I teach her to stop and wait when she is aroused? Continue Reading

Tips for Traveling with Pets

It’s time to plan for summer vacation. Increasing numbers of owners will include their pets. Some planning and a few tips will make traveling with pets safe and enjoyable. Continue Reading